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  1. What are your thoughts on shock collar training?

    Dog Training Forum
    Shock Collars are illegal in Australia for a reason, I wouldn't listen to this trainer, look for a new trainer who rewards good behaviour & doesn't punish the dog, the dog may end up suffering with anxieties & be useless in the end...
  2. New Rescue Doesn't Want To Do Anything. Any suggestions?

    Dog Training Forum
    Sounds like he has been taught to "STAY on the Couch" as soon as you come into room & he goes on couch tell him No, Come On, lest play & get the toy he had then throw it, run over get the toy thru it run with it give it to him say "PLAY" COME ON PLAY then thru the toy get him out thru the house...
  3. New Rescue Doesn't Want To Do Anything. Any suggestions?

    Dog Training Forum
    He has pain this is his way telling you, if he's young normally a young dog doesn't keep still.. If vet put him on Tramadol?? Studies have shown Tramadol has limited pain relief...
  4. Probiotics - stool getting worse before getting better?

    General Dog Forum
    Change Diet was your dog eating Grain Free before?? go back, I have a IBD dog I changed him to grain formula's & he went down hill his vet told me put him back on his potato grain free Kibble he ate, "Wellness Core Large Breed Adult" & "Canidae Pure Meadow Senior" he been eating G/F since 2015...
  5. Have you changed kibble since the DCM scare?

    Dog Food Forum
    There's NO evidence diet caused DCM with these dogs, & under 600 dogs since Jan 2014 that's not many dogs especially when US has around 78 million dogs, you'd think the amount of dogs would be much higher. I've been feeding G/F & rotating Wellness Core, Wellness Simple, Canidae Pure Meadow, Pure...
  6. Hello from Australia

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    New Member I have to post a post to active my membership:wave: