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  • AussieNerdQueen ·
    Hmm...Maybe you DO need that early bird special? :p Hehe. I find this site confusing too, no idea how to use my profile since I joined.
    PaulineCH ·
    WOW~ 8 hours is crazy!! we are one hour one way, so a total of 2 hour round trip, then lunch and visiting, so it's not that bad.
    PaulineCH ·
    Yes I am really excited too! I don't know how many times I have said these last few weeks, "AW!!! I want Tanaris home NOW!!" I tried yesterday when visiting and asked if he could come home a week early, LOL, no avail. It will be here very soon for both of us!!
    PaulineCH ·
    I see you are getting your pup one week after me! I also, haven't been in the "raising" of puppys for a very long time (15+ years). Hope we can help each other out with info!
    jinnyretr0 ·
    I stumbled upon one of your posts in the "pop culture question thread" and I saw you were part of the Kankakee Kennel Club and my jaw kind of hit the floor. I was born and raised in Kankakee! I actually lived there pretty much my whole life, up until about 7 months ago. It seemed so weird that I had to say something :) Also, though its a little late, welcome to DF!
    barnetto ·
    Thanks for your message Papilove.

    You say you've raised siblings before, so I'd love to pick your brain about it if you'll let me. My email is [email protected] I'd like to know what kind of challenges you faced and how you solved them.

    The issue we've been confronting recently is Pepin tends to bully Simone. We've got him to stop eating out of her bowl, he's getting the hang of not pushing her out of the way when she's getting attention, and I've begun working with him on not taking away whatever toys she's playing with.

    For a while we were throwing the ball and they'd both go for it, but he got it every time and after a while she quit running for it and would just look at the ball as Pepin pounced on it.

    Now that we're getting Pepin under control, I'm anxious to pull her out of her shell and give her more confidence and independence, but she just doesn't progress as fast as him.
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