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  1. Very confused about all this heeling, finishing, etc.

    Dog Training Forum
    People use all sorts of verbal and visual cues, especially in Rally. In Obedience (and upper level Rally O) you can only cue once and there you'll find that most of the cues are similar, but not always the same, and very clear to the dog. Below I've linked to some good examples of Novice...
  2. Very confused about all this heeling, finishing, etc.

    Dog Training Forum
    It's really not that simple, especially if you are doing this on your own without experience. I would focus a bit, either on Rally or Obedience for now. If I were you, I would start with Rally since it is basically the "doodling" exercises many people use to train and maintain a competition...
  3. Labradoodle Questions

    General Dog Forum
    Kasey - Rutland Manor and Teagan Park were Labradoodle puppy mills. They had long waiting lists and clients who put a lot of consideration into their very expensive purchases. Did you see the link?
  4. Natura Coupon

    Dog Food Forum
    Nooo thank you! My pups will not be eating Proctor & Gamble chow.
  5. Labradoodle Questions

    General Dog Forum
    http://stoprutlandmanor.wordpress.com/ Shannie and Kasey, I think you both need to see that link and read it through. Teagan Park (another popular Australian Labradoodle breeder not long ago) was just as bad. I suggest you look into Portuguese Water Dogs or Poodles from reputable breeders, or...
  6. Looking Into Getting A Dog

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Beagles shed (allergies - remember?). They can be high energy. And they do tend to be vocal. But they are darn cute... If you aren't into fuzzy faces or long coats, you can have a dog like a Bichon, Maltese, Poodle, etc. groomed however you like. Just keep in mind that grooming can be spendy...
  7. Pood earned his RN title this weekend!

    Dog Training Forum
    Pood and I were entered in two trials at the Stumptown Cluster over the weekend. He only needed one Q for his RN title. Not only did he Q yesterday with a score of 95, he scored 98 to Q today! I am so proud of my boy. Now we'll really start working on our off leash performance and looking for a...
  8. Which obedience class?

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    Your dog doesn't have to be AKC registered as a purebred to compete in AKC Rally O. You could also get her an ILP/PAL # if you can't find and get her original paperwork turned in. APDT and UKC also offer Rally O. I would really recommend starting with the Obed. II class so you and your dog can...
  9. VIDEOS! of Pood's first Rally O classes!

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    Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTxs9D-_7Pg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXSm5Vr7aQQ Comments, critiques, questions, etc. welcome.
  10. Ideas on mixes of my newly adopted dog?

    General Dog Forum
    Standards are simply guidelines. Pups can't read them, so many come out too big, or too small, or the wrong color, etc. This dog could easily be a small, purebred Pointer. ;)
  11. Pood's first Rally O Trials RESULTS!

    Dog Training Forum
    Q, 1st, Q, 1st. Scores of 93 and 98. 7-9 dogs in the classes. I lost us a few points here and there. I <3 MY DOG!
  12. Agility classes prices

    Dog Training Forum
    Have you checked your local Agility training clubs? I've gone through two different ones for lessons. Both were very affordable and offered discounts if you became a member.
  13. Finally got a camcorder - Here's what we've been up to! Rally O

    Dog Training Forum
    I'll have lots of reading to do here tonight. lol Thank you both for the information. MyCharlie - We practice on and off leash. That course run was our last one after a looong day of practice and four or five courses, all on leash. I didn't actually intend to work off leash at the seminar, but...
  14. Finally got a camcorder - Here's what we've been up to! Rally O

    Dog Training Forum
    Dobelove, we should get together at the show! What kind of dog is Jesse? Are you going with a training group? You can be on the lookout for Pood and I. My name is Nicole. Pood and I will be all by our lonesome (with my other dogs tagging along in our Jeep) trying to figure this out, and we would...
  15. Finally got a camcorder - Here's what we've been up to! Rally O

    Dog Training Forum
    Thanks everyone! Poly, I appreciate the suggestion. I am still working on fading that leg movement on the finish left completely. Since this was a practice run, I opted to use the leg movement that time. Pood can usually finish left just fine without the added leg movement, relying on just my...