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  • Nargle ·
    If I recall correctly, a while back you posted a really cool spreadsheet about raw diet for your dogs on the dog food forum. You could type in your dog's weight and it would tell you how much meat/organs/bone/etc. your dog needed. I'm considering switching Basil to an all raw diet, so I was wondering if you could perhaps send me the spreadsheet via PM? I had saved it on my computer, but I lost it and I'm now using a different laptop. It was a very useful tool, though, so I'm hoping you won't mind my request. Thanks! :biggrin1:

    If I'm mixing you up with someone else and you didn't post the spreadsheet, my apologies!

    LazyHuskyRanch ·
    Great! I just need to learn how to use it! And I figure, if you're finding so many great homes for the pups on here, I might try it out!
    JessRU09 ·
    Hey! I was curious how things were going with Jasper? Your PM box is full! ;)

    Also, I found you on Facebook -- hopefully you don't think I'm a creep, lol! Just bored at work and reading up on your dog sledding activities.

    I'm going to start getting Dex acclimated to pulling instead of just running alongside my bike, so I figured your posts are a good place to start learning. :)
    TalerraHybrid ·
    you advice has been great, thanks for everything!! Kaiya's a smart girl and this week has learned hi-five and both left and right hand shakes!! woohoo
    still working on the agression thing, although thatll take time
    nekomi ·
    Jasper is a wolfdog, low-mid content... Willow is a White German Shepherd and Husky mix, maybe a little wolf but if there is, it's an insignificant amount. And Bandit is just a Shepherd/Malamute mix, definitely 100% dog! :)

    Do a search in the Pictures forum, I've posted tons of pics in there and you might enjoy them. :) Great to have another wolfdog fan on here. If you ever have any questions or anything, let me know - I work in wolfdog rescue and have met a lot of wolfdogs!
    Cesare Borgia ·
    It looks like a couple of the dogs in your sig have some wolf in them, and it looks like one of them might be a White Sheppard.

    Am i right?
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