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  • barnetto ·
    They've had been playing "nicer" this week, less growling and excitement, more chase and prancing. But then the other day I think I messed it up a little. I've been using their kibble to reward them, but have been experimenting with looking for higher levels rewards. Pepin goes nuts for cheese and it manages to pull him away from play, but then I think they're too excited and their play becomes much noisier and more likely to get a yelp out of them during the course of play. (still waiting to do the dragline this weekend)

    How aggressive do your boys play? Do you or would you ever step in? What style of play do they engage in? What are your thoughts on playing together?
    barnetto ·
    Hi Mudra,

    I'd love to hear more about your experience raising your two boys together. I know much of it might not be applicable to me since I can't be with them during the day as much as you.

    Right now what I've been more hung up on is how to encourage "good" play. Some things I've read by Patricia McConnell are what are most informing my opinions on their play. For example:
    and I picked up her book about managing multiple dog house holds.
    Snoppykins ·
    Any new training videos? I have one of Sai but for whatever reason it wouldnt upload on youtube :( I have gotten to put a treat on his paw and he will leave it :)
    digits mama ·
    Mudra Darlink! I miss you girly! Hows the gym going? Are you Buff yet?

    Come to chat sometimes..We need your bouncy self in there. Love ya.

    PS...How is ma Boyz?
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