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  • Shah ·
    :wave:Hello....I went through your website and was amazes with your guardian dogs....Since you are the breeder of these dogs, I'd like to know that what are the key differences between Boz Shepherd and Turkush Kangal. Also I've heard that Kangal dogs are the National dogs of Yurky and they don't export them, is it true ?
    I'd appreciate your response.
    Thank You.
    dif44magni ·
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    Monster Malak ·
    Hello everyone. I am a registered Nurse by trade, and dog lover by nature. I have raised livestock guardians for quite a few years to protect my Exotic fowl. The Kangal became my focus after I experienced their effectivness. I naturally gravitated to their larger cousin the Malakli, as it is not only their size that is more. They have a stronger bonding nature, are more defensive, and are quite more capable of defending against more serious threats.

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