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  • ErisAlpine ·
    Hi :)

    Things are so much better with Lars, not 100%, we still have "incidents" from time to time, but for the most part there has been some big improvements, all it took was a few minor changes in my routine with him and he is almost a different dog, temperament wise. He is even getting more tolerant of other dogs, we were walking last night and a large Alaskan Malamute ran to the end of its driveway barking at us, Lars gave it a quick glance and then just kept walking like it was nothing, the old Lars would of wanted to eat him alive lol. I do not think Lars will ever be perfect but at least now there is no more walking on eggshells around him and he is much more lovable and affectionate. Thank you so much for your advise, you have been a great help :)
    Mac'N'Roe ·
    thanks melgrj7. I've got the 'feeling outnumbered' book. I'll check out the others too. Thank you for offering to send control unleashed. I'll look online and see how much it is...i may just order it today.

    everyone is okay this morning. gabi has a little swelling around her ankle..but i think it will be okay. i'll keep an eye on it.
    musicmom116 ·
    I noticed in a previous post that you mentioned Lollypop.org and you are from upstate NY. What part? I'm from Upstate NY also
    Mac'N'Roe ·
    Hey, just saying Hi. I was just realizing that I can't get your three straight. But, now I think I got it. Rhea is the MIL's dog, and alli and Lloyd are yours. Lloyd is now acting up because he's figured out things are different and pushing his limits. Got it. :)
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