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  • motavares ·
    Hi! I found an old post about Mac's mouth being open and no chewing happening....just slobber in the water bowl. Our dog is experiencing the same thing. Vet said allergies but no change in 5 days. What was your end result and how long did it take to go away?
    KarlKatzke ·
    It's definitely associated with ridgebacks -- not many dogs that I've seen do the head-low feline stalking like they do. It HAS to be instinct, because Eo did it as a puppy -- as a 2 month old she'd hide in tall grass when I was playing fetch with my ex-girlfriend's boxer, and then jump OUT and pounce on him! And she definitely didn't learn that from one of the other dogs in the house. I figure that as African Lion Hounds, they had to take on some of the traits of the big cats in order to hunt the big cats! No big cats around here, though -- so Eo's become more of an African Mattress Hound. No soft place to sleep is safe from her...
    KarlKatzke ·
    Roe really does look like Eowyn, minus the ridge! She's got that head-hung-low lion stalking movement that I associate with Ridgebacks.

    http://flickr.com/photos/karlkatzke/sets/72157594485659623/ <-- Eowyn's photo album

    http://flickr.com/photos/karlkatzke/sets/72157606319249416/ <-- Henry's photo album

    Henry's blackmouth cur / lab -- they look SO similar in pictures, but there's a huge difference in their movements and their barks. Henry's got a hound baying noise where Eowyn's got a deep "big dangerous dog" bark.

    I love the dapple that Roe has on her chest and Mac has throughout his entire coat.
    Mr Pooch ·
    Ha ha,i requested alot of friends M'n'R.
    I dont know WTF i have so many views on my page though,i must have a stalker!!!!!!!!HA!
    melgrj7 ·
    Hi, just some other books you might find useful.
    Fight! by Jean Donaldson
    Feeling Outnumbered? How To Manage And Enjoy Your Multi-dog Household by Karen B. London Ph.D. and Patricia B. McConnell Ph.D.
    Click to Calm Healing the Aggressive Dog by Emma Parsons

    as well as Control Unleashed
    melgrj7 ·
    Hi back:) Yeah, Rhea is a chocolate lab who belongs to the MIL, Allie is my shepherd collie mix, and Lloyd is my mystery mutt.
    Mac'N'Roe ·
    Yeah, not sure what I'd do up there. I travel up 75 sometimes to take the dogs to Allatoona for a hike/swim. I often travel up there for tennis matches and such (although, that's a little far for a tennis match). I saw at Dellinger Park they are having the dog frisbee championship there I think Oct. 17-18th? Did you know about that? I'm not sure if that's your direction, but you may want to check it out anyway. If I remember, I may try to.
    sheltiemom ·
    I'm otp, about 45 minutes north of the city. I hated it when I first left the city for the burbs, still do sometimes, but I'm getting used to it.
    Mac'N'Roe ·
    oh, I didn't know she wasn't used to being around other dogs. Have you considered talking with a behaviorist? If you decide to do a training class, you may want to talk with the trainer first and let them know how she acts around dogs. They should be able to allow you in the class as long as you keep her under your control and safely away from other dogs.

    I am assuming you are young, and perhaps wouldn't have the budget to go to private behaviorist sessions?
    Pepper ·
    Well I figured she didn't need it for the training aspect of it, but she has always had anxiety, especially towards other dogs, and it comes off as being aggressive, but really she just has anxiety. I'm talking to my mom about classes, but I don't know if the trainer would get tried of her acting like a a crazed dog around other dogs...
    Pepper ·
    We havn't started anything quite yet in trying to help her through it, I have a 3 day weekend so I'm going to be working all weekend with leaving her alone for a second,2,3, etc...And I figured out my problem..Because I go to school, so I'm gone for 8 hours, so say I get her comfortable being alone for an hour, and the next day it's 8, that basically puts us back to the drawing board. So everyday until she is able to handle 8 hours she is going to spend the 8 hours with her brothers and sisters at their house and hopefully she'll slowly start to get a little better.

    Do you know any techniques to raise her self confidence? Someone mentioned it in the thread but never replied when I asked for some techniques.

    Thanks for caring :)
    digits mama ·
    Haha. I often wonder how many people get that... I am glad you liked it!

    Howdy Neighbor :)
    I have an Aunt that lives in Meridian.
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