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  • mu0711min ·
    After buying from nnluxury.com, I am aware the posh handbags and watches are certainly not expensive. My lovely handbag is only me $120 with free shipping! It's more cheaper than my local stores! You should notice!

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    Angie's Bella ·
    I have a 7 month old standard and yes, she is all dog. She goes everywhere I go and one of the ladies at work has a lab mix she brings from time to time and Bella plays harded than her lab ever does. They all think it is funny to see my sweet Bella with her little bows in her hair out there rolling that lab around.
    Love's_Sophie ·
    Thank you...

    Unfortunately the dog who my name is for, passed away this fall...I decided to keep the user name anyway, mainly because everyone knows me as that.
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