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  • Lonewolfblue ·
    I tried it a couple times and Betty liked it, but really didn't see much else. And the claims that it can help with aggression, well, not really sure about that. She's just as reactive even after working with her with the ttouch.
    klip ·

    I saw on one of the thread you were trying out ttouch techniques with your dogs. Has that been working out for you? What have your experiences been with it?
    Lonewolfblue ·
    Betty has come a long ways, and would definitely be able to get her Rally-O Novice title real easy if it wasn't for her issues with other dogs still. But she is getting better, just will take some time. I went to the humane society today to check out their dogs, and it was suprising to see that about 1/3 of the kennels were empty. Usually they are packed. So there's a few people out there adopting, which is good to see. Kind of wish I had room for another dog or 2, lol, there were 2 Chow mixes that were really nice, one is fairly young and the other is older, I think 8 or 9 yrs old. Was also a couple cool boxers as well, lol, and a really cool pit. The site also shows an ACD, but didn't see it when I was there. Someone might have had the ACD out, or it was adopted and just hasn't been taken off the site yet. I might take one or 2 out for a walk next weekend if the weather is cooler. Was just way too hot for me today.
    TeddieXRuxpin ·
    How exciting!!!! You'll have to let me know how that goes. I know you will both have a lot of fun while you're there.

    We just got in a ACD and It reminded me of Betty only a male version. :p
    She sounds like she's doing much better now in your posts. She's come a long ways I'd say huh?
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