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  • kinderteach ·
    I am sorry if my question regarding my dog's diarrhea was inappropriate. I did read the disclaimer at the top, but I did not realize that this fell into the "call vet" range (If you noticed, my question was "Should I contact the vet?" )
    I would appreciate a clarification-- you mentioned I had fed my dog something toxic. However, both the aspca.org and petpoisonhotline.com say avocado is NOT toxic for dogs but can cause mild stomach upset. Since my dog had avocado oil, I thought it would be less than that. This is why I thought that it was ok to ask about whether "stomach upset" should linger or if I needed to contact my vet. It is clear that you believe I should contact my vet, so I will do so. I had found this forum to be very helpful and welcoming when I first adopted my new dog. I would have appreciated a more thorough explanation or having the thread stay open so others could more fully explain the reasoning for your extreme concern.
    Hiraeth ·
    Haha, this cracked me right up:

    "This thread is 6 years old. I'm sure the OP has long since made their decision by now."

    Thanks for the laugh :)
    MelTruffles ·
    Hello Moderator! I was hoping you could help me! I think my profile on this forums has a bug. When I click on "my profile" it says "This user has not registered and therefore does not have a profile to view." I have filled out my profile info and I have a avatar and signature. I'm not sure why it says this. I have tried multiple ways to access my profile and it gives me the same message. Any advice on how to fix this?

    Thanks! Sorry for bothering you!
    Maryharris033 ·
    Sorry my name is Mary and I read your message about not creating new threads to fully activate a persons account so I just haven't really been able to grasp how to send messages or even comment on a thread myself in order to get to work and cooperate fully so I'm sorry if I've aggravated you and then I thought if I just somehow found a way to message you then that would be two times sending a message....I think anyway lol I really just got on here to see of anyone new about tbs drug for spay incontinence called Proin because it made my boxer sick and I don't know if anyone else has had a problem with if until I read some things on here by other people about how bad it was gorgeous their dog and some dogs died but I couldn't ask any questions because I didnt have a profile so do you happen to know anything about the medication Proin for spay incontinence ma'am?
    Red Fraggle ·
    Absolutely. Especially in winter when we run the risk of being iced off the highway. I bring everything I need to last a few days in the city every time we come. Wembley hangs out at Grandma's house and picks up bad habits off her evil schnauzers while we do our thing at the Dr's office. A puppy playdate would be great sometime in the new year :D
    Red Fraggle ·
    Oh cool. We should meet up sometime when I'm in the city. :) We usually spend a couple nights at my Mom's when we come in for Dr's appts.
    Kumacho ·
    The reason it makes me giggle is we have had two dogs named Kuma. One an American Akita and the other... Well he's a big ole bear!

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