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  • 2manydogs ·
    New yorkie will not be quiet unless held. Does not want to explore, see other dogs,play...just be held. I have previous owner smell and my smell in small play gated area . Can't hold all day and night. 2nd day. First time away from hisq parents and playmates. To hold or not hold??? only 2.3 lbs. 13 weeks old
    Labmom4 ·
    Oh for Gawd's sake! 3 months?! I hope it wasnt in your name. Well, hang in there. Things will get smoother once he's completely moved out. Keep going to the dog park, it's good for both you and Brady. All's good here, much better now that my daughter's wedding is over. It was great but SOOOO much work. My budget isnt just stretched, it's gone!
    Labmom4 ·
    Hey Lisa! Just popping in to say Hi and see how you are. Havent seen you around lately. I know you have a lot going on. Hope all's well!
    lisak_87 ·
    Welcome to my page!
    My name is Lisa, and I am 25 years old. I have cats, but I volunteer with dogs in a couple of rescues plus have a few family dogs who I'll always love!

    Thanks for stopping by!
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