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  1. Favorite raw frozen commercial dog food

    Dog Food Forum
    I prefer Stella & Chewy's to Instinct for mostly financial reasons. It costs more at the cash register but it lasts longer. I have also used Primal and Laurel and I both liked it but not enough to drive the extra miles to the store that carries it. Answers, Small Batch, and Tuckers are not...
  2. Help. Need advice urgently for unstable 7 mo puppy.

    Dog Training Forum
    Having knowingly and willingly taken on a 7 month old "project dog", I encourage you to return this animal to the breeder. It isn't fair to your children. Even if the dog never bites them (or their friends) he will be a huge timesuck. So are vacation cottages and sailboats, but the emotional...
  3. Feeding Raw - Where to Start?

    Dog Food Forum
    I've got a regular, local source for kidneys now and a food scale on the way. :D The muscle meat in my freezer may not be the greatest but it will feed my <10 lb dogs for a long time now and give my checkbook a chance to recover. I have a whole chicken that I broke up yesterday and the turkey...
  4. Feeding Raw - Where to Start?

    Dog Food Forum
    Kathyy, thank you so much. I'm mostly sticking to poultry because of the size of my dogs and my own lack of experience in the butcher's section but that isn't healthy for them in the long run. I found beef necks, which Chocolate loved, but then I read that she could break a tooth from that and...
  5. Mini Schnauz - Down Command

    Dog Training Forum
    Plan B from my trainer is to sit down on the floor, bend your leg at the knee so that the dog has to bend down to crawl under it, and lure them with a little Hansel & Gretel breadcrumb trail of very small treats. I'm not describing it very well; it starts at #6 here...
  6. Raw Diet - Who is feeding?

    Dog Food Forum
    Laurel has been eating commercial raw pretty much from the beginning, She was supposedly raised on Purina Puppy Chow, but I could never get her to eat kibble after bringing her home. I tried everything. She liked to share my food, but since I don't eat meat myself, it was not enough for her to...
  7. Anybody own 2 same sex intact dogs?

    General Dog Forum
    Laurel's Laprascopy (sp?) appointment is almost finalized, so this cycle will be the extent of my very brief adult experience with two intact bitches. We had no horrible issues with our Sheltie bitch pack when I was growing up in the 1970s. Mom is still alive and she still has the survivor of...
  8. May I Introduce Bentley Bentley Bausher aka "B3"

    General Dog Forum
    He is adorable. Congratulations! My Laurel was the only being who could heal my broken heart after my own loss. I hope B3 does the same for yours.
  9. Medicating Molly

    General Dog Forum
    I will also be following this journey. Medication has been suggested for my anxiety dog, Chocolate, so I appreciate this thread. It's good to know that meds can be used as a temporary tool instead of for the life of the dog. Not rehoming or euthanizing my damaged mongrel either way, unless...
  10. Lagotto breeders are insane people!

    General Dog Forum
    Exactly. It isn't just Lagotto breeders, its the entire human race that seems insane when we try to do the right thing in a world where shelters are euthanizing dogs every day because nobody wants them while puppy mills are churning out poorly bred dogs as if they were iPads or cheap potato...
  11. Anybody own 2 same sex intact dogs?

    General Dog Forum
    Update: Both of my bitches are in heat at the same time. It's the first (and quite possibly/hopefully only) cycle for both of them, so they certainly aren't their normal selves but they aren't fighting or dangerous to each other and do not need to be separated. Laurel seems irrationally...
  12. Lagotto breeders are insane people!

    General Dog Forum
    I am so sorry that you are going through this. It must be very frustrating for you. We all need to vent sometimes and I've certainly posted my own share of doozies that I later wished I had kept in a locked journal until I calmed down. Lagottos certainly do seem like exceptional dogs. I was...
  13. anxiety in rescue dog

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Chocolate's anxiety is steadily improving but it still needs to be addressed. She was very good at the conventional vet's, but when I came back to drop off her stool sample she....um....provided a fresher sample on the floor, shall we politely say. The conventional vet is willing to prescribe...
  14. Big changes for the Fellowship

    General Dog Forum
    Congratulations! Lagotto puppies are very hard to come by I understand,but Frodo sounds well worth it. Thank you for being so generous with the pictures and I look forward to the updates and learning more about what you have learned (and will apply) about puppy socialization.
  15. Have you changed kibble since the DCM scare?

    Dog Food Forum
    ITA; I don't even use kibble and this is just motivating me to learn more about canine nutrition and put their health above my squeamishness. There are vegan dog foods marketed to people like myself, who just like the idea of a "non-obligate carnivore" and don't want to be reminded that Precious...