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  • Cattledogfanatic ·
    Just FYI.... I know about a super awesome bc litter that will be born next year or the year after. Just something to think about. I think the bitch is about 35 pounds.
    Antje ·
    Just read the topic of dye for dogs.....saw your pictures and fell of my chair:laugh:....what beautiful animals ! And their fur......nice that color ,:rockon: but here in Belgium people would not like it. And it also can be done to a long haired type of dog , never seen a Staffy with a bleu behind, would be something to consider for a friend of mine Linneke.......:wink:
    moniker ·
    Hi Laurelin I recently got a puppy from a shelter in CT. He looks almost exactly like your friend's dog Kaylee that you posted about in 2006. I was wondering if you ever found out what kind of dog she was. The shelter that I got him from said that he was a australian shepherd mix but were not sure what he was mixed with. I believe he is an australian shepherd as well. As I was searching, Dutch Shepherd seemed possible color-wise but facially not so much. His snout is more blunt like the australian shepherd and I have seen pictures of both that fall similar to his own coloring but none as identical as Kaylee. Thanks for any help you can give. Sincerely.
    nghoh1945 ·
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    Griffon ·
    Hi Laurelin,

    Nice to see your are in OK too... I am down south close to the Texas border. Love your Paps... they are such smart little dogs... I always recommend them to people wanting a toy breed that they can do agility with because they are such a smart little dog. I am besotted with Griffons and after breeding, showing, trialing a number of breeds over the years, I will probably always have Griffons as my main breed.
    WashingtonCowgirl ·
    Its her first litter. Both parents are ABCA and AKC registered, the puppies will be dual registered. They will also come with a contract that garentees against Hip Dysplasia for three years, and against blindness from CEA for life

    (your pm box is full lol)
    AussieNerdQueen ·
    Hi! I was wondering if you had any more photos of your Papillions..Mia is really pretty and I want to show my mum what a well bred Pap looks like.

    BooLette ·
    That stinks... a lot. I wouldn't have thought of it either, but I clicked on your name for the send a pm to pop up and it brought me here, so I just left a visitor message. lol I was getting a little anxious about it because it kept on coming up access denied, and I was like I GOT BANNED. lol Thanks, Laur. :p
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