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  • lisak_87 ·
    Hi Labmom! I'm doing ok. Lots to work out with the ex moving out this week. I can't wait! Brady and I have started going to a local dog park, which he loves! I'm stretching my budget to the limits...but doing well! Found out, though, that my ex hasn't paid the gas bill in 3 months...yeah. that was fun. How have you been?
    Labmom4 ·
    Oh bummer, cant just mix it all up like paint or something, huh? ;) Glad I asked first! I buy Loreal Superior Preference. I dont know what the numbers are. Is the stuff from Sally's better?
    ThoseWordsAtBest ·
    I don't mind. :) What kind of color are you buying? I would not just mix two box colors, but if you're buying from Sally's it's easier to figure out. This all goes back to levels. What numbers are on the boxes for the light and for the dark? If you're looking for a medium in between brown you want to find a level 4 or 5.
    Labmom4 ·
    I feel funny asking you to do that for me, but if you really dont mind....
    You just need a few of my favorite pics? How do I send them?
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