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  1. Post waiting for moderator approval?

    Community Help
    This is crazy. Two pictures of Wally are spam. Blah. This can really screw up some conversations - getting a post hung up in "spam moderation" in the middle of a conversation because you hit on some "lucky" keyword to send it there in the midst of a conversation.
  2. Post waiting for moderator approval?

    Community Help
    "Just gave Wally a bath" That prompted your spam trigger? Showing pictures about your dog after a bath is spam now?
  3. Why Can't He Always Look Like This?

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Just gave Wally a bath.
  4. How long do you have between a behavior and a correction?

    Dog Training Forum
    Does she know how she can "request" your attention? For example, if she sits and stares or something of that nature? Wally gives me a nose poke or paws me sometimes, or sits/lays down and stares a hole in the side of my head. If not, I would consider teaching her. If using "no" gets her to...
  5. Loose Leash (controled) vs. end of leash

    Dog Training Forum
    That a leader leads with stability (of mind, action, and emotion), and by proving that his/her actions have a meaning (and thus the dog has a reason to "seek your input"), and not on position during a walk. If the situation arises, a leader can show leadership by giving instructions/taking...
  6. Dog sniffes my ears

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Yep, I love it. I always give affection when Wally does it to me. I usually get the nose poke though :D Never knew that about the hands, though it makes sense even thinking about what one hand might have touched that another didn't, etc. Also figured my ears probably smelled the same - and he...
  7. Why is walking ahead considered dominant?

    Dog Training Forum
    Funny, isn't it. Wally often looks back at me when he's ahead to see where I'm going. If I change direction (this is off leash) then he'll move in the direction I'm going in - like a formation. If he's "taking charge" then he wouldn't adjust to me or even look to me for direction. I've read...
  8. Can all Dogs Learn Prefect Recall?

    Dog Training Forum
    Assuming mental and physical health, I believe it's possible for any dog to learn anything they are physically capable of doing on their four paws. Doesn't mean it's easy, but "not easy" <> "impossible", imo. Whether or not it happens is partly what you described - a motivation issue. How do...
  9. The Nosework Thread

    Dog Sports/Show Forum
    Using the birch only seems to be going slow - almost like he doesn't get he's supposed to be looking for the birch. He's hunting and searching, but he's looking for some kind of food. I also think it doesn't seem to be strong enough I guess? If I open the whole jar and put it somewhere, he's...
  10. Maybe I Just Need Sympathy

    Dog Training Forum
    Yeah, assuming dogs think in terms of "respect" as defined by humans, taking one behavior and extrapolating it to define a dog's entire personality/interaction seems to be stretching it. I mean, heaven forbid a social creature who's mindset is oriented around mutual cooperation and...
  11. Does your dog have a distinctive smell?

    General Dog Forum
    So glad Wally doesn't do this. :D Wally has a smell (when I smell the top of his head) but I can't describe it. He probably also needs a bath - it's been a while. Feet smell like used vacuum bags. If we're outside on a crisp, windy day, he'll smell like the outside. Only time he smells bad...
  12. Dog breeds for families

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I don't know about the electric fence part, but Cotons would fit all of those others easily. They are very smart, like to bond and work with their people, are silly, and tend to do well on moderate exercise without being restless. Most Cotons are gentle and if you get a puppy, should have no...
  13. What is soundness?

    General Dog Forum
    Outside of that realm and protection work - it isn't usually seen/utilized?
  14. What is soundness?

    General Dog Forum
    How would I ever know if a dog can be switched between drives without actually having the dog and going through life/work with him? I understand it's important, but if you're looking for a new dog - how can you tell? Like someone mentioned above with epilepsy - could anyone look a dog while not...
  15. Boyfriend overwhelmed, wants to get rid of dog

    General Dog Forum
    Wally has epilepsy and as long as the pheno works, Xena should be just fine. She might have a seizure here or there, even while on it pheno. Give it time to work and as long as they are brief (under 3 minutes) and not occurring in rapid succession, no harm no foul. Watch her to make sure she's...