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  • abi88 ·
    LOL, no problem!:)

    And hmm...I might have to try and show up!:D
    Wednesday is some times my late day at work, where I wouldnt be home in time to pick Rhett up...but we shall see!!:D

    Do you have any recommendations to trainers around?
    Im thinking of going to Argus Ranch in Auburn for their obedience class....but figured I would see if you have any suggestions!;)
    katielou ·
    Accepted. You should come to some walks.
    I am almost always at the Wednesday night walks.

    Will send you a pm with my Facebook.
    About to add a meetup for.Sunday.
    abi88 ·
    Oh that is so cool!!
    I never knew you where so close!:D
    We should totally meet up! Do you have facebook?
    I just asked to join!:D
    And thanks!:D I appreciate that!:)
    abi88 ·
    Hi ya!:D

    We are in Enumclaw!:)

    (oh..and I never have been accepted into the co-op...kinda makes me sad!:( ;))
    Bowie Valentine ·
    What kinds of dogs are those? Very Cute! Is one of them part australian shepherd or border collie? I have an english setter/border collie mix. Bowie and I are on Lake Tapps, Washington.
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