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  • Kathyy ·
    Hi Valerie,
    I just bought them from ThrivingPets a couple of weeks ago. I needed a prescription for the tubing but not the needles. Looking through K9KidneyDiet files or links I decided to go with Terumo #20 which are extra sharp and have ultra thin walls. They go in much easier than the #18 the vet gave me and don't seem to take any longer to drip in the fluids. Brico sells the same needles but you do need a prescription for them. ValleyVet sells tubing and needles without prescription but not the extra sharp needles. I wouldn't buy them again and the tubing costs twice as much! Now I have the okay to give more fluids I want to go as cheap as possible. That tubing is 1/2 the total cost of giving fluids!
    Sorry you have the need for them but subQs so worth it if needed. Sassy is back to her goofy self on this stuff. SHE started the critter chase last night and has been 'beating' up on her brother daily since getting daily fluids.
    Hi Kathy,
    You replied to one of my messages a while back about giving fluids to your dog. I had a question. What website do you buy the needles and tubing?

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