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  1. Need your guy's help/opinion

    General Dog Forum
    Ya just finished reading the Koehler Method of Dog Training. I sure hope he seldom used those methods because 99% of made my jaw drop! Granted he had tons of experience but his book was so hard to read because of his sarcasm, satire and pompous attitude. I almost didn't return it to the library...
  2. Reassuring Fearful Dog

    Dog Training Forum
    Ok so most would agree that making a big fuss about it generally will make things worse while a reassuring tap and a word or two is OK to use. Hehe Wvasko, like your way of thinking: pure common sense! I was just wondering if there is a general rule of thumb, nothing concrete of course. Being...
  3. Reassuring Fearful Dog

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a question for you guys. Do you think that its ok to reassure a fearful dog? I've always thought that no. However been doing some reading on fearful dogs and came across an interesting idea: That its OK to reassure a fearful dog! That statement is backed up by a study done quite a while...
  4. Do you know any tests?

    Dog Health Questions
    Thanks guys ;)
  5. Do you know any tests?

    Dog Health Questions
    I'm looking to compile a list of some of the tests reputable breeders have done on their dogs, the most recommended ones. I know about the OFA, CERF, BAER, PennHIP....and thats about it. Can you guys names some other ones or direct me to a link where they are mentioned? Please and Thank You!
  6. Need your guy's help/opinion

    General Dog Forum
    Oh goodness no, hehehe I'm not much of a TV guy if you get what I mean.lol. Besides most vids...don't they usually teach basics? sit, heel, stay? Hmm notes on my dog...good idea. I do take notes for books I read...but some good advice is to keep ORGANIZED!! Me, even though I'm usually good at...
  7. Need your guy's help/opinion

    General Dog Forum
    Headache? Hehe don't think I need one of those! However, you find much more conflicting information on the net, so I'm sorta used to it.lol. I didn't mean to offend anyone that posted above or suggest that it wasn't what I was looking for, however DF has many new members and I'm just wondering...
  8. Need your guy's help/opinion

    General Dog Forum
    Thought I'd bump this up just in case other's have new suggestions ^_~
  9. What do you think about this?

    Dog Training Forum
    :rolleyes::rolleyes:You'd be pleasantly surprised ^_~ A reason many trainers are moving away from the dominance (AKA Alpha) paradigm is because we know that dogs don't operate like wolves. Better do some catching up: http://www.nonlineardogs.com/Whatisadog-4.html...
  10. Dragons?

    Off Topic
    Hehe...came out a little chubby didn't it? I'm not a big fan of the albinos either... although I got one.lol. The Ochres and Pygmies are awesome though!! Got a couple hatchlines you guys, hope they can get some clicks: Clicked last few pages.
  11. Dragons?

    Off Topic
    Ah I see! Well thats cool, looks a little like the green one.... Pterodactyle eh? Can't wait to see what it looks like when its full grown! GRRR WHY wont my water egg hatch?!? I want to be un-scroll locked.lol.
  12. Biting Rescue Pup!

    Attention All New Members
    Here lies your problem. Your approach to the issue is completely wrong. The nipping, growling, and barking happen because she is scared, how does punishing her help her? You got it, it doesn't! What you want to do is try desentization and counterconditioning. Always try to solve the problem in...
  13. from ghosts to......

    Off Topic
    You said it! A lot of things have to happen alright:D The solar system would have to be in the perfect spot in the galaxy to avoid not only collisions with other heavenly bodies but also to avoid radiation from the center. The planet would have to be in the perfect place in the solar system, and...
  14. Dog won't go in kennel or outside

    General Dog Forum
    Your pooch needs to spend a little less time inside if he is going to get used to being outside. If I were you I would try taking him out for a walk about time when he should be going into his crate, after the walk don't go inside the house and place his water bowl in his kennel. Being that he...
  15. doesn't want to eat as much

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    If possible get your dog checked up by the vet, and if there is no problem then it might be that your dog may not need as much of the new food because it fulfills her dietary needs in less of the amount as compared to Purina. If it is hot around your area then try adding just a little moisture...