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  • jcd ·
    well i feel your pain just from reading your words. i know you will do what u can to help blakey boy. i believe it is a good choice to start from scratch with him. i am sure he can be retrained if done correctly. are u getting help? keep me posted.

    did u get a chance to see my last bello post. apparently noone did. i thought it was awesome but it flew to page 2 without a look. i know u know that feeling. makes ya want to say some shit but it ain't worth it i guess.

    keep me posted!!
    Mr Pooch ·
    How ya doing J.
    Blakes getting used to his muzzle and ive started to retrain him from scratch.
    His always had great recall and is much better behaved when his on his own,im going to continue working with him and then reintroduce the other 2 once he is where i want him at.

    Thanks for the message bro.
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