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  • Kaiser95 ·
    Hi Inga,
    I'm brand new here & being a rottie lover, your avatar caught my eye...beautiful btw! If you don't mind I'd like to pick your brain... I've had many rotts over the years but I'm now down to just 1...I lost my big guy on Wednesday :'(. The 1 I have left is about 9 mos old & is causing me to tear my hair out! I've NEVER had any problems w/any of my previous rotts. In fact, I've had nothing but amazing success. My biggest problem is he will not listen to the command "come", which I'm sure you know is potentially VERY dangerous! The other things things are very minor & just need some extra work but if there's ANYTHING beyond the usual stuff that you can think of that may help w/getting him to listen to "come", I'm all ears!
    Thank you for any help you can provide!
    smillymillie ·
    Greetings Inga,

    First of all, your profile picture dog, is gloriously beautiful.

    Secondly, I have been searching to alternatives to Raw feeding (even though I feel it is most species appropriate), because my shelter dog just became an official Licensed Therapy Dog. I came across you comment to an older thread regarding a conversation about raw feeding and Therapy Dogs and wanted to message you. As a Therapy handler, I wouldn't dream of breaking rules and endangering the people we visit so I am trying to be very careful here.

    My question for your is this: What do you feed YOUR therapy dogs? (Clearly, it is a well-selected food as the dog in your avatar photo is very, very healthy and gorgeous!.)

    Thanks for your time,
    Emily & Millie (four legged)
    hwally ·
    Hello Inga. I joined this forum because of the picture you have for your signature. The dog in the picture reminds me of my own dog. You posted about mini-Rotweilers and my little dog Moochie is a street dog who reminds me of a mini Rottweiler. I rescued when he was about 5 weeks old. I was wondering about your dog. Can you tell me something about your signature dog. Moochie is my signature dog. He's about 18 month old in the picture. I posted on the forum about the minis and have more info about him and me. Nice to meet you. Wally
    Xeph ·
    Unfortunately, I don't know of anybody that would have a quality Boxer in her price range :( I would suggest trying to contact Barb Lankford though. She could probably tell you. She knows more Boxer people than I.
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