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  • Damon'sMom ·
    Sorry, I just seen your message on my page. If it makes you feel any better, Mason now LOVES his crate. He will run into it on his own and sleep when he gets tired. I am so glad I didn't give up kennel training him. haha
    olivethedog ·
    Hi! Thanks for your sweet PM! I tried to reply, but your inbox is full and won't accept messages.

    I usually try to stay out of controversial topics as I don't want to contribute to any sort of animosity to the veterinary field. However, I'm still human and can only hear "vets don't know anythinggggg" so many times... lol

    I'll let Olive know she has a fan! :) Your dog is also precious. Love the floof!!
    Phill ·
    Thank you so much for your answer! After a lot of thinking and research i've decided that an American Eskimo would better suit my family. We want a dog that will play and act silly with us. But my question to you is how is Snowball's shedding? I mean, I know that when they blow their coat there is going to be hair EVERYWHERE which is fine but on a normal day is there a lot of hair or not much? I do plan to brush my eskie daily for 10-20 minutes to minimize the hair around the house. If you run your hand through Snowball's fur does the hair fall out instantly or in clumps or in strands? And will it stick to everything? Does the hair fall out when Snowball walks around or only when you brush / pet him/her?
    Perrin ·
    Thanks! So is your Eskie! She's a miniature, but she's only six months old, so I don't know exactly what size she will end up. Has your Eskie blown his undercoat yet this year? I have no idea what to expect, only it hasn't happened yet.
    aiw ·
    Thanks! I actually just arrived on Monday evening. Orientation at EHS is on Saturday, so excited! For now I'm staying with my Aunt and Uncle but hopefully I'll line up a job and a pet-friendly spot to foster in. Looks like there are help wanted signs absolutely *everywhere*.
    mashlee08 ·
    I love the gross stuff! Only thing that irks me is eyeballs, I have seen a few get taken out and it just doesn't fly with me! I loooove watching surgeries, especially when it's lump removal and the vet cuts a big vessel and blood squirts everywhere. You can read about it all you like but when you see it for yourself that blood vessels have pressures and stuff is pretty awesome.
    The scar was super cool, haven't seen anything else like it though.
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