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  • BrittanyG ·
    Hey there, I was wondering if you would maybe want to get together for a playdate sometime? Well, I doubt they'll play much, but maybe a nice walk somewhere natur-y. Let me know. =)
    canteloupe ·
    Great, great comments on the off-leash thread. I've enjoyed your posts. You addressed a lot of the inanities being posted, without becoming overtly rude. And you're an excellent writer!
    mastiffmom67 ·
    hi i waswondering if u can help me my husband just pointed out i made a very bad spelling error in title of a post... badddd i misspelled shih tzu... and i have had them since 1979 how can i fix it? i feel very bad about it.. and im not sure this is how u pm lol even
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