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  • janeboha ·

    Did your dog get hit by a car? She seems okay here in these letters.

    My name is jane; our dog is Joey and he was hit by a car, too, a few months ago (outside Boston). Joey started a BLOG to help other dogs and their owners who have been in this situation. He takes you through the steps of how to care for your dog. It's Joey's blog, not mine.

    Please visit it:
    www.dogsdontlookbothways.com and click "enter blog". After that, you go to -

    It's instructional. If you'd like to create a post about your puppy, you can do that too. We have several dogs there who have also been injured. You will be communicating with Joey, and he is a great friend.

    What's your dog's name?

    Please be Joey's friend.
    Sazbones ·
    That's a thought. I need to have her on the leash inside anyway because she needs to learn it. She has been wearing it while she runs around outside as long as I don't try to pick it up. She just lays down when I try to walk her so I've been doing this in an attempt to get her used to the leash. She hasn't chosen a favorite place to go, yet, she just lets loose wherever she is...and quickly! I'm already taking your advice on the frequent outtings. That IS WHEN I can get her cornered. She loves all over me when she wants to but won't come closer than about 2' when I try to get her to come to me. She ran fairly loosely on the farm I got her from so I think she is also getting used to regular people handling vs running with her Mom and other puppies. I just got her a week ago and she' s 14 weeks old. Faster than a bullet!!
    I'm going to post for answers re getting her to come. She DOES know her name now.
    Thanks again!
    Sazbones ·
    Thanks, Jennifer. Welllll, I feel like I'm watching. She actually has her nose to the floor all of the time but sometimes the sniffing style is a little different. I scoop her up and rush out the door. She absolutely won't move on the leash, so I don't think she's getting the door tie-in since she's in my arms. I will take you advice and take her out more frequently. Maybe I've not been doing it often enough. I've waited for signs or timing (like after food) so maybe I need to build more frequency of the behavior I want.
    Appreciate your input so much. It's been sooooo long since I've had a puppy and never a small dog.
    Have a great Saturday!
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