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  1. Cool, Calm, and Collected: A new adventure for Oliver

    Dog Training Forum
    I'm glad you found a great class! I'm curious, is the trainer Casey Coughlin?
  2. Sock theif

    General Dog Forum
    If he likes socks, maybe he would like a floppy stuffed type toy? I have no problems with the sock as a play item, I just don't want holes in my socks, or a dog who is stealing stuff as I'm trying to fold it and put it away. Your best bet is probably to find something similar that he is allowed...
  3. Sock theif

    General Dog Forum
    Puppies are interested in tons of things that they aren't interested in as adults. If you keep socks put away, or keep gently taking them away when he steals them and rewarding with something else, he'll find them less and less fun over time. At 1 or 2 years old my dogs were still stealing...
  4. Newbie agility question(s)

    Dog Sports/Show Forum
    You'll get there! Four classes is just the very beginning and it takes time to build confidence and value in the game. Does your class do any drive building activities like restrained recall or circle work or catch the handler games? Some intro classes just focus on getting dogs on equipment...
  5. Dachshund mix doing agility?

    Dog Sports/Show Forum
    Plenty of dachshunds do agility! Work with a good trainer who keeps the dogs' health in mind (doesn't start with full height equipment or do a lot of jumping with young dogs, etc). I really don't find that agility puts a ton of wear on the dog if you're doing it as a hobby once a week and...
  6. A dog with 2 homes

    General Dog Forum
    It will be fine. I spent a year working 2 hours away from home. My dog and I went up to stay with my parents during the work week (where they walked him and spoiled him while I was at work) and then drove home on the weekends to our house with my husband. Once we moved both of my dogs used to...
  7. Dog riding in Cargo area of SUV setup?

    General Dog Forum
    Actually it is tested! It's one of the few crash tested crates on the market. I certainly hope I never have to test it myself There's a little give front to back that it can compress, but not much. It doesn't harm the passengers in the back seat because the back seats of cars have a crash...
  8. Dog riding in Cargo area of SUV setup?

    General Dog Forum
    The crate isn't designed to crumple, the cargo area of the car is. During a collision the passenger areas should remain intact but the cargo area is designed to crumple to dissipate the force of the collision. So a regular crate placed in the crumple area will crumple along with the car. The...
  9. Opinion on best time to nuter male dog

    General Dog Forum
    I'd probably wait until 18-24 months to make sure growth plates are closed and his body is mature. Though if you don't have a reason to neuter (no female dogs, a way to keep your dog secure, etc) then there's no real reason to do it anyway. I don't plan to neuter my male. So you have options, do...
  10. Dog riding in Cargo area of SUV setup?

    General Dog Forum
    My dogs ride in the cargo area. I have a Variocage because the rear area is a crumple zone and is designed to squish down if you get rear ended.
  11. Dog in heat and male dogs sniffing. Need Advice.

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I have an intact dog of each gender, so I'm not against keeping females intact by any means. There are pros and cons to keeping intact and spaying, though most of the cons are related to early spay so if the dog is over 1-2 years old they are greatly reduced. Pyometra is a real risk from keeping...
  12. Keeping long haired dogs clean?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I have Welsh springers and my male especially can grow long feathers, much longer than a borzoi. Mostly I don't try to keep them that clean - if they get muddy, they get muddy and I can always rinse them off or give them a bath. Most of the mud falls off on its own as they dry. Males do pee on...
  13. Catahoula Leopard Dogs/Catahoula Curs

    General Dog Forum
    Hey! I still lurk around but mostly I do my dog chatting on Facebook now :-) My guys are doing well! Hazel is in for her OFA xrays today (only a year late ... haha)
  14. Catahoula Leopard Dogs/Catahoula Curs

    General Dog Forum
    I've met a couple well bred houlas, and some rescue/mixes. The well bred dogs are serious dogs, as LeoRose said. They can be dog aggressive, protective, and strong willed. Like in any breed there's variation and some are soft and sweet while others are more serious and challenging. Very...
  15. dog breeds

    General Dog Forum
    Awesome! Both of mine love swimming. We have a pond and the first thing they do when I open the door is sprint out and swim. One of mine is only so-so about toys (he'll play with them inside but isn't into them that long) but the other one is fetch crazy and will retrieve a frisbee until she drops.