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  1. The Dog Whisperer

    Off Topic
    the annoying neighbor whisperer.....
  2. Problem with dog on leash when approaching another dog

    Dog Training Forum
    What you are describing sounds a lot like leash reactivity, Welcome to the club, my dogs is that way as well. I've been working on my dog's "problem" with the help of a behaviourist, and while it might be frustrating at times, I am seeing results. First and foremost I would encourage you to...
  3. Pit Bulls have locking jaws?

    General Dog Forum
    Well....in the interest of science and the pursuit of truth I would like to volunteer my neighbor..... All we need now is a pitt bull....
  4. Pit Bulls have locking jaws?

    General Dog Forum
    I don't have any number figures for individual breeds, but as far as I know dog bites range anywhere from 250 to 400 PSIs (I'm assuming those figures apply to large breeds, I can't fathom a yorkie with a 250psi bite). But that whole "pitt bull jaws lock" is as true and logical as the fact that...
  5. Who agrees?

    General Dog Forum
    I guess you're right...got any better way of saying "that's all I'm gonna say"?...which is usually not the case either though.
  6. Who agrees?

    General Dog Forum
    I don't...end of story. ok..just a quick comment, this sounds incredibly similar to the argument that Intelligent Design and Creation are two different things...... if it walks like a duck, it quacks like a duck then maybe, just maybe......it could be a duck?
  7. the "d" word

    General Dog Forum
    And all that deserves to be said all over again.......
  8. Question for "Possitive" trainers/people

    General Dog Forum
    Over the time I've been interested in dog training/behaviour, one of the most controversial topics I've come accross is the dominance theory (or whatever the official name is). The notion that if allowed to a dog will try and take over a houlsehold, or that if no good leadership is in place...
  9. the "d" word

    General Dog Forum
    What I meant was that any mixed breed dog can be turned overnight into a designer dog with the right name.
  10. the "d" word

    General Dog Forum
    the way I see it, shelters are full of designer dogs that the marketing people haven't come up with names for yet, what do we call a pitt/lab mix? or a GSD/husky mix? While I agree that at the end of the day a dog is a dog. But these so called designer breeds are more marketing than they are...
  11. Anyone try guard dog training?

    Dog Training Forum
    Uhm...asking about getting started on bitework on a web forum may no be the smartest of ideas. As someone said, join a ringsport club to get your feet wet and take it from there, but whatever you do, don't do this on your own. Read this, it's pretty good...
  12. Behaviorist verses trainer?

    General Dog Forum
    I've worked with both, with my current dog two trainers for obedience and tracking, and a behaviourist for his reactivity problem. Normally, the way I've seen it a behaviourist can do most of what a trainer can do, and a VERY good trainer can do some of what a behaviourist can. Some people argue...
  13. Oprah's dog show

    General Dog Forum
    does this mean she an Millan hace parted ways? for what I gather the person she works with now, is the polar opposite of Millan.
  14. Second opinion on dog trainer/behaviourist...

    Dog Training Forum
    I thought a negative re-inforcer was removing something that was keeping the dog from performing a behaviour, but hey, if it works.....
  15. Second opinion on dog trainer/behaviourist...

    Dog Training Forum
    How do you use it as a negative re-inforcer? I read about a trainer using it as a possitive re-inforcer, using just the paging feature, he conditioned his dog instead of click & treat, to page & treat. That solved the question many people ask about clicker training in situations wher ethe dog...