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  • AkiraleShiba ·
    I was in the South West in March and in Bulgaria in August now I really want to get back to my dear Canada in September but I'm not sure if I can make it ;)

    How are things going?
    AkiraleShiba ·
    They must be so cute doing Search and Rescue. We're doing great but Akira misses his yard I think. I'll also be travelling for a month in South West USA, I'm very excited :D
    MyCharlie ·
    Thaaaaaaaaank You VVVVVVVV!! You're the only one who saw it was my birthday - you are such a sweetheart. :D It was a great day - came home from work and dh had cleaned the house and made dinner. Thanks again honey!
    Mac'N'Roe ·
    Hey digits mama. I have been meaning to tell you this..but I DIED out laughing when I saw your "location". I'm from the magnolia state too...meridian..so I'm not on the coast. But I just thought that was a hoot.
    starry15 ·
    Ahh, I am so sorry to hear about digit. I give you all my condulinces (sp). I know how hard it is to say good bye to a pooch. Well how has your summer been? half of my school work started today.
    starry15 ·
    Hey! Yeah, Im ready for school because this is going to be my senior year. I worked on school extra so that I could jump to the next grade and graduate in 2009!! It was a hard choice because, I could choose to graduate with my age level which would be 2010 but most of my friends that I have are a year older than me, and I said what the hay, im gonna do extra school to get to grad with my online friends :) So I am excited!! *never thought, I would be excited about doing school before* lol! So, how is digit?
    sillylilykitty ·
    Internship is going well, Im learning a lot. I have 4 more weeks of it left, and then a week more before I move home. I cant wait to move home and see my family and all the Shar Pei's again :)
    MyCharlie ·
    Hey honey! Thanks for my message. It, uh, took me a while to figure out how to see them LOL! I'm such a dork. :eek: ((( hugs )))
    Dieselsmama ·
    my 'puter finally let me into chat and of course I had to go *rolleyes* I've been a good girl and posting lots lately though. We need some new pics from u now! {{{hugs}}}
    Renoman ·
    Hi V!!! Nice changes I think. Hope this isn't what's making the site load so slow...:(

    Thank you V, you always make my day! :)
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