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  1. Doggie Cabin Fever???

    General Dog Forum
    I agree with what you all say. Wow- Sheltieluver- your dogs must be fit! That is a lot of walks, and I am sure they are happy with all of those walks :).
  2. Doggie Cabin Fever???

    General Dog Forum
    Hey guys! My dog and I have unfortunately been trapped at home due to the huge snow storms that have been coming. All this snow has sparked a question in my head- can dogs get cabin fever? I have definetly suffered from it lately, but my dog, besides the near daily walk around the block, has...
  3. Any Nutro Ultra expirience?

    Dog Food Forum
    Thanks so much! I do agree that Eagle Pack is really good, but I can't find it anywhere! That was my first choice of dog food, but then I settled for Nutro.
  4. Any Nutro Ultra expirience?

    Dog Food Forum
    I have just started Maggs, my eight year old golden, on the Nutro Ultra Senior dry dog food. The ingridient list looks pretty good (see http://www.ultraholistic.com/senior.shtml for ingridients) and I was just seeing what you all thought about this food. Thanks as always!
  5. How do you insert pictures?

    Dog Pictures Forum
    How do you insert pictures if they are on My Documents? I really want to show my puppy dog!
  6. My Girl ATE A DISEASED MOUSE!!! :(((

    Dog Health Questions
    My golden, Maggie, found a buried pet mouse that we had about 2 or 3 years ago that had a really weird disease or something that spread to the other mice we had at the time. Either yesterday or sometime today, Maggie ate the mouse and has been acting very weird ever since. She has been sort of...
  7. Fussy eater

    Dog Food Forum
    Yes- I agree with you to have the food out for like 20 minutes every mealtime. I was thinking about this, and I realize that I overreacted. All you need to do is have the food out, and he can be as picky as he wants, but when he is hungry I think his stomach will take over and he will realize...
  8. Fussy eater

    Dog Food Forum
    That is really weird- is he under weight? I don't know much about dogs but I think that if this keeps up you should definetly see a vet. How often do you feed him? What does he really seem to like? I hope that you can get him to eat the same foods stedily- it will help him and you cost wise.
  9. Fussy eater

    Dog Food Forum
    If that keeps occuring I would see a vet, but until then keep trying to give your pup things he likes for mealtime that are still healthy, and hopefully he will start eating it on a regular basis! Good luck!!!!
  10. Any experience with Kirkland dog food?

    Dog Food Forum
    It looks pretty good to me- although I don't know of a site that says the ingrediants that dogs need, here is a site that tells you what ingrediants to look out for (http://www.dogfoodproject.com/index.php?page=badingredients), so I hope this might help. I have done a little research on dog food...
  11. !?!HUH!?! Big Question On Food Quality!!!

    Dog Food Forum
    I'm sure- I've heard its one of, or the top dog food sold. I am getting Maggie onto it, after learning that Purina brands weren't the best thing for dogs to be eating. I am looking forward to see the results of good food for once! :b
  12. !?!HUH!?! Big Question On Food Quality!!!

    Dog Food Forum
    Thank you. I really thought that corn was bad for dogs, and when I saw it in the top 3 ingrediants in Eagle Pack, I was confused! I guess I will not take a chance with corn and stick to E.P.- Holistic!!! :)
  13. !?!HUH!?! Big Question On Food Quality!!!

    Dog Food Forum
    Hi everybody again! I have been doing some research on the differance between 'bad' dog foods and 'good' foods. Eagle Pack (from what I have heard) is one of the top brands of dog food that is very healthy for dogs. Looking at the ingridient list, though, I see something that I don't understand-...
  14. Anyone give their dogs homemade food? Any tips?

    Dog Food Forum
    Thank you!!! :)
  15. My dog acts like her teeth hurt when she eats.

    Dog Food Forum
    Maybe you could try mixing in some wet dog food, or getting a good brand of semi- moist food.