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  • LittleFr0g ·
    Hey there! I posted a thread about a dog my friend adopted in the General Dog forum, and I'd love to get your opinion, since you have so much experience with Pit Bulls. She's wondering if he might have some Pit in him (we know he's mostly Lab), and I just don't have enough experience to tell. Mind taking a look and letting me know what you think?

    Dpuppy ·
    You're right. I have no idea how big my boy will be.

    Do you have more pix of your dog that i can take a look at??? Is his tail short? Now that i looked at your avator pic more closely, i see your dog has ears that are shaped differently than mine. This sucks...I guess i'll never know for sure.
    Dpuppy ·
    what is the breed of your dog? He/she looks like my 8 week old puppy whose breed i am dying to know.
    Keechak ·
    just as a comment to your question about the differance between Mals and Huskeys. Mals are bigger and have curly tails and long hair Huskeys are usually smaller always have short (very thick) hair and have sikle tails which naromally hang down and only curl over the back when the dog is excited
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