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  1. A little rant... and a Q about Pet Chef Express food.

    Dog Food Forum
    First, I left my vet last week, and part (yes this was just the straw that broke the camels back ;)) of the problem is a dispute about food. I understand most vets will try to get you to food science diet , fine I have no problem saying, "no sorry we feed xyz happily", or smiling and nodding...
  2. Fall puppy.

    Dog Pictures Forum
    omg cuteness!
  3. Do you ever meet a dog...

    General Dog Forum
    Yes. My dog Darcy plays regularly with a dog that is taller than my waist ( I am 5'8), and has a longish rough grey coat. Her owner says that she is %100 Great Dane, seems off to me. wow, her body, not her face or head at all, but just her body, look identical to our puppy, whom we were told...
  4. Upate on our puppy and a huge thank you to this awesome site.

    General Dog Forum
    I haven't been around for a little while (a month or so). Just wanted to post a small update on our lil pup. For anyone that remembers we adopted a little mix pup at the end of Aug. We were told she was thought to be a BC/ACD cross, we don't think thats right as shes quiet large already...
  5. Breeds you'd like to own someday

    General Dog Forum
    Ooh man.... I don't know honestly if my heart will let me stray too far from Cattle dogs or BC (although it seems my little adopted girl may not be either, lol). I have always wanted, 1. Great Dane 2. St Bernard 3. Weimaraner 4. Australian Sheppard. I really think I will have a Dane one...
  6. To Old For Agility?

    Dog Sports/Show Forum
    I have been looking into ways to get our 4 yr old dog into agility. Where we used to live there was an open free course close by, here there seem to be little to no resources :(. Anyways I am not really looking to compete with her, she's a cattle dog and I just think its something active we can...
  7. Anyone NOT do puppy classes.

    Dog Training Forum
    I have met the only in store trainer that is close to me, and she is who I described in my origanal post. That trainer is the whole reason I am thinking of skipping the puppy classes altogether. I have called the other option, option 2, and to get into there 6mth and up class, the dogs are not...
  8. Anyone NOT do puppy classes.

    Dog Training Forum
    Thank you, I will read through as much as I can on body language etc and the website provided. That is very helpful. I would rather do a class if I could find one I feel comfortable/confident in. I never thought when I got her that finding one would be difficult, so any help I can get on trying...
  9. Toy English Bulldog?

    General Dog Forum
    Ok, thanks, we will both do our best to steer him away.
  10. Anyone NOT do puppy classes.

    Dog Training Forum
    Ok, here's my dilemma. Where I am located I have been able to find 3 options for puppy classes, one is a private class WAY out of my price range, that only does one on one puppy classes, not really what we were looking for. 2. is a more well known company that unfortunately for me is all...
  11. Toy English Bulldog?

    General Dog Forum
    Oh no worries, i was not looking into getting one at all. I was curious for curiosity sake and to give the friend of the acquaintance some info to then say to the acquaintance when the purchase of this dog is brought up again (confusing much, lol). I don't know them well enough to really give...
  12. Toy English Bulldog?

    General Dog Forum
    Is this an actual breed? I have seen ads in my paper and on kijiji for these type of dogs a couple of times in the last few months. I had never heard of a Toy English Bulldog until very recently. Is this a new fad designer breed? Or am I out of the loop here and its an established breed, I had...
  13. Where do you buy your poop bags?

    General Dog Forum
    Our dollar store carried biodegradable bags, $50 bags for $1.
  14. Shorty Bulls?

    General Dog Forum
    I think you meant TOO, not Two, as in the number. ;). Or is that an abbreviation too/to/two ;). Look, I am not spelling or grammer natzi (I make my fair share of grammer mistakes trust me), but honestly some of what you have written has been difficult to read, due to what you call...
  15. Good Dog owner, bad puppy owner?

    General Dog Forum
    Sigh. I am feeling like the worst puppy owner ever lately. With our older dog, there is so much love there, I love on her constantly. I knew from the second we brought Darcy (our older dog) home that she was going to be my best friend as well as one of the best dogs I have ever owned, and she...