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  1. Advice for training my fearful foster

    Dog Training Forum
    Yeah we don't have any kids ourselves and the only kids we know are around 1 year old so too young. I know Lexi's previous foster had two daughters, 8 and 12, that Lexi really loves so I don't think kids would be an issue if they're old enough to know how to treat dogs properly. There are a lot...
  2. Advice for training my fearful foster

    Dog Training Forum
    He did not, but he may tomorrow. That's what I intend to ask. I want him to explain to me why he thinks she needs one. Also Lexi is only about 35lbs so not big enough to pull me down. Lexi reacts exactly as you describe in #6 when we have people come over, and I also tell my guests to ignore...
  3. Advice for training my fearful foster

    Dog Training Forum
    I also messaged the trainer and asked if he was planning on evaluating her without the pinch collar first, because I believe she can be trained without one. He said "Why do you think that?" so I explained why. He just said "Ok". I will still go to this first appointment as a sort of compromise...
  4. Advice for training my fearful foster

    Dog Training Forum
    Yeah, what the rescue is trying to do for Lexi and her sister is market them as fearful and try to find the person who has worked with fearful dogs before and wants to do it again, and offering a trial adoption period of 2 weeks. I absolutely know that if someone was willing to give Lexi at...
  5. Advice for training my fearful foster

    Dog Training Forum
    What should I tell the rescue? I tried to tell them I am not comfortable using prong collars, especially on her because of her fearfulness, but they just told me that they felt the same way until they spoke with the trainer and I just need to listen to him because he is the professional. I don't...
  6. Advice for training my fearful foster

    Dog Training Forum
    I am fostering a dog (Lexi, there are photos of her in the photo forum) for a local rescue. This dog is part of a litter of puppies that were found in an abandoned house in the woods , where momma, a stray, presumably gave birth to them. The rescue found them when they were about 8 weeks old and...
  7. Braeburn

    General Dog Forum
    Soro may be white in the muzzle, but it looks like he isn't quite ready to be an old man yet. Looks like he can keep up with Braeburn :)
  8. 'Normal' amount of exercise/stimulation

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    It of course varies from week to week, but my dogs get a few (like 5 or so) short walks a day to go to the bathroom and sniff around (we don't have a fenced yard, so they need walks to go to the bathroom), then at least once but preferably twice during the work week we take them out to the dog...
  9. Border-Aussie and 2 Silken Windhounds!

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    All three of your dogs are absolutely gorgeous!
  10. Dog park photos

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    So it snowed here in NC yesterday, about 7 inches which is crazy amounts here! I took the pups out to play in it and of course brought my camera :) She pounced around like an arctic fox looking for lemmings, lol He loved leaping for snowballs Snow gives Finley the zoomies He...
  11. Dog park photos

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Thank you! It's so much fun taking photos of them playing :)
  12. Canine Photography Thread --Anyone interested?

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    I absolutely love how this one of Finley turned out:
  13. Dog park photos

    Dog Pictures Forum
    New favorite photo of Finley and our foster, Lexi :laugh: The chase is on! Play ball with me! Come and get it! And Jackie boy, he mostly just watches and hops in when he thinks someone needs some humpin'
  14. hair between paws & nails - can't cut them anymore

    Dog Grooming Forum
    So glad it worked for you! Some dogs get ticklish with the vibrations of the clippers but it is faster than using scissors and less dangerous.
  15. Getting puppy to 'hold and carry' something

    Dog Training Forum
    Since she will already take the rope reliably I'd just work at teaching her that she has to hold it until you give her the command to release it. If she already knows a command to drop it, have her take the rope and reward only for longer and longer holds until you tell her to drop it. She does...