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  • Britt & Bello ·
    lol. I didn't realize we could make albums on here, but Here is a link to Bello's set on Flickr. I'll make an album for him and Brittany in a little while. :)
    Houdimom ·
    You like to chase scurrying fuzzies ... I personally like to chase a nice big grasshopper ... we grow them BIG in Florida ... LOL!
    ICY_Anna ·
    Yes that would give it away!
    If my new pooch hadn't already come with an adorable name that she responds to (Ellie), I would have named her Elsa.

    klip ·
    Just wanted to thank you for pointing me in the direction of the "control unleashed" book. I've not had a chance to start practicing the lessons on my dogs yet, but am absorbing the principles as fast as possible - its my daily reading on the train :) Excellent book, its so rare to find a training book that explains the underlying principles in such a clear way.
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