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  • ormommy ·
    Hi! I was wondering if you'd be willing to make a sticky like post with all those dominance debunk links? Thanks for providing them.
    mashlee08 ·
    Hiya, I tried PMing you but your inbox is full! Is it you that has the big arsenal of alpha debunk articles? Mind sending them to me? :)
    Canyx ·
    I just have to say, Scout was BEAUTIFUL. Any idea of his breed? I've come across many dogs with that 'northern,' fluffy-but-proportioned type build. Even in the low income neighborhoods that I work in. I'm tempted to call all of them chow mixes, but I'm absolutely clueless!
    jdudziak ·

    How are you? We just adoped a Papillion so I thought I would say hi. Our boy is 1 and he is such a sweetheart. We have had him going on two weeks now. Our boy is 8lbs and it looks like that is the right size for him

    janicealger ·
    HI, I have a lassapoo she is 2 and a half this is her first pregnancy just wondering if you have had any issues with not eating ?
    stacey101 ·
    Hey! I was wondering if alaskan klee kais shed as much as a huskey do?
    Im not getting one haha just wondering considering you have lovely Casper :)
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