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  • sillylilykitty ·
    Hey! I just saw your post! I haven't been on here in a looong time but I do pop in occasionally! I don't live on Oahu but that's where most people visit and that's where the outer island people go to get their "city fix" lol! I hope you enjoyed your stay in Hawaii :)
    Cheetah ·
    I rotate my dogs' food back and forth according to what I can afford at the time. If I have extra cash. I'll splurge on the Instinct, and if I'm broke, I go for the Prairie. The only difference between the two is the grains, or lack thereof (and the price of course lol).

    Since both have similar ingredients and are made by the same people, and my dogs have had them both before, I just feed half and half for a couple days and then just switch them, although I would never recommend this for dogs who have never had the food before. It all just depends on the individual dog and how sensitive their stomach is.
    Moker ·
    Cheetah, can i ask what your sig means?

    the "Current Feeding Rotation: Nature's Variety - Instinct & Prairie"

    do you rotate your dogs food? if so, how often? and "how" do you switch from one brand to another?
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