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  • Daenerys ·
    Hey, are you still in NC? or have you moved on elsewhere? Just remembering back a few years to when we got together for a hike. :)
    CptJack ·
    Well hello, you!

    Thus is totally the size of a horse. A smallish one, but a horse.

    Kylie is almost 8 months old!

    Other dog is Jack's son, Frost. He moved in in April, when the breeder moved to Fla. He's since been bred with a finished bitch of another local breeder (why he stayed here) and is still here, chillaxing.
    Sibe ·
    I didn't know about it until yesterday! :( I totally would have entered. I saw the name "Soro" and went NO WAY.. then saw your comment and was super excited for you guys!
    CptJack ·
    Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness. They might be just doodles, but I can't draw at all and - those are so, so very good and - THANK YOU for showing them to me, so much.
    Hambonez ·
    He was ridiculously cute as a puppy - I still mourn the loss of the cankles! It's unfortunate that he was such a monster I couldn't just sit back and admire his rolls and fluffy fur! He's a sophisticated gentleman now, but what I wouldn't give for those cankles back!!
    beretw ·
    Awww shucks, thank you!

    I have no idea if he's mixed. So I just call him a "pound bull". He was the product of a pregnant PB-type dumped at AC by a BYB (acronyms, yay!) He's probably a grab bag of bully breeds.

    There's so much variation between APBTs between the UKC (thicker, stockier) and ADBA (leaner, leggier), so it's really impossible to tell.
    Crantastic ·
    Scout's mom was a purebred malamute for sure. Dad was either a border collie or a rough collie, not sure -- all the woman told me was "collie." They were both farm dogs. His siblings were mostly black with white feet and looked more like mal/BCs. He looked more like a rough collie or even a GSD. Could have been multiple dads, I suppose.
    ThoseWordsAtBest ·
    I'm here just to share my gifts with others.

    I love my artist. Great dude, will ALWAYS only get tattooed by him. I'm so impatient waiting to work on this beast.
    CptJack ·
    I choked on my soda - and that's not an exaggeration or figure of speech. I just CRACKED UP. It was beautiful. (NO! No ignoring your dogs! EVER.)
    Daenerys ·
    Your inbox is full. Here is my response:
    "Legend would bark his fool head off and possibly charge Soro. I never let him get close to other dogs so I don't know exactly how he'd behave up close. He might do fine with Sumic, I don't know. Faolan loves everyone, though.

    The entrance off of Glenwood Ave is the one we use. We can meet at the visitor center, which is the first building you'll come upon. I work in the morning until 10:30 and again 4-6pm so like 11:30-12 is a good time for me."
    valuta8 ·
    Hehe, much younger. (12) Thanks for the compliment- I like to think of myself as mature.
    Always love reading your insight~
    RCloud ·
    Not forward at all! Ma'ii is Marlin :) I ended up renaming him a few months after we got him. His original name never really settled with me, and after some chewing it over, I decided to rename him. Ma'ii (Muh-ee) is the Navajo name for the coyote spirit, and thought it fit him well. His last seizure he had was about 6 months ago, and it was very, very minor. Still not sure what the cause of them is, but given they are so minor and far apart, we decided to stop with his medication.
    PatchworkRobot ·
    hahahahahaha It's just so easy with his gorgeous shiny coat and short hair! It's partially due to my own sick addiction and partially due to the fact that he's such an easy (and willing!) model!
    PatchworkRobot ·
    I'm not sure I can post links, in threads, to other forums so I'm sending you a PM. Here's a link that will make me look sane, hahahahaha - Collar-Holics not so Annonymous
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