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  • BoxMeIn21 ·
    Hey you! Hi back! I haven't been on here recently either. And no, I can't believe Coop will be 3 soon...he was just a puppy yesterday!
    K8IE ·
    just wanted to stop in and say hi. i have not been on the forums much lately! hope you and your pups are well. we are fine here, coop will be turning 3 soon! can't believe it!
    abby's mama ·
    Thank you for your quick response. I just added some new pix to my album, if you want to check out my profile. I think she's the most adorable thing I've ever seen, but I guess I'm a little biased...:) Patience is definitely needed! This forum has helped so much, though. My favorite piece of advice was " if your puppy consistently has accidents in the house you should roll up a newspaper, wrap a rubber band around each end, and smack yourself in the head, repeating " i should have watched my puppy better, i should have watched my puppy better.."" I love that! So far, so good. She has learned to sit and is working on stay. I am having a problem with getting her to come when called, if you have any tricks up your sleeve...please let me in on the secret!
    abby's mama ·
    We are proud new owners of a beautiful 8 week old Boxer pup named Abby. This is our first puppy, so any advice would be great! Hope to hear from you soon.
    GroovyGroomer777 ·
    Dance your cares away
    worries for another day
    let the music play
    down at fraggle rock!

    You must be a child of the eighties too. My sis and I have get togethers and watch the fraggles on dvd. Still love the music, great tunes....very trippy.
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