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    We have a 14 month old Boxer (Waylon), adopted from the Humane society. He keeps urinating in his crate. He is only placed in his crate while we're both at work. He is potty trained and has NO accident's while we're home. This morning, before work, I took Waylon outside and he urinated a LARGE amount, then I put him in his crate and left for work. 15 min later, my husband heard noises and went to check on Waylon. Waylon urinated all over his crate. He cleaned it out and put Waylon back in and left for work. When I came home there was urine everywhere again! We've taken his bedding out because he soils everything. We've also limited his drinking at night. Why does he only urinate in his crate? There are no accident's when we're home, I just don't understand. I can't keep giving him baths because his skin is sensitive, he's had 3 baths this week alone. It's not like he's being kept in the crate all day either, he's out with one of us most of the day. Does anyone have any helpful hints?
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