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  1. This is my family

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Wow! Couldn't imagine. I'm exhausted with 1 pup and two cats. :giggle:
  2. changing from puppy to adult food ?

    Dog Food Forum
    Farmina is high quality food from what I've seen. It was a food I almost went with before going with Fromm.
  3. Corporate Grooming Chains

    Dog Grooming Forum
    My wife has taken our pup to Petsmart for bath, nails, ear cleaning. It's gotten worse each time. Just yesterday they had him for close to 2 hrs. They start and if the get a walk in, they drop everything to cater to them. Bullshit!! They won't be getting anymore of our money. Going to a local...
  4. What breeds and size/s of Dogs does everyone have?

    General Dog Forum
    Frankie, Border mix, 55 lbs, 7 months
  5. Bad breth

    Dog Health Questions
    A few fresh apple slices
  6. when to spay a large breed dog

    Dog Health Questions
    Thanks. After reading some info online I felt bad. Lot of differing opinions though. Our pup has doubled his weight since being neutered, seems in good health for now. We'll continue to love and nourish him for the time we have, that's for certain. His mom is a Border, not sure about father(s)...
  7. when to spay a large breed dog

    Dog Health Questions
    Yes it stopped. Our Vet didn’t advise against it. It’s our 1st dog, I didn’t know there were problems associated with neutering an animal.
  8. Jax the dane!! 8 months old already!!!

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Handsome fella
  9. re-occuring UTI

    Other Pets
    I'm late to the party, but NO FISH!! I'd feed canned only also. My male had a blockage and almost died. I switched him to canned Wellness and he lived to be 15 yrs old, his blockage was at 3
  10. Best dry dog foods?

    General Dog Forum
    Same here. My pup loves this food
  11. PetCo stepping up its game!

    Dog Food Forum
    I buy my cat food there, currently feeding Merrick. They're forcing people to buy online now with cost increases. I paid $20 more than what I could purchase it online for. I was not happy. I may switch them to Fromm now since I feed my pup their food and it's not much more cost wise.
  12. Having trouble finding the right food...

    Dog Food Forum
    I highly recommend Fromm. My pup loves it. I also give him some ultra oil for dry skin. http://ultraoilforpets.com/. He's been on the oil for 2 weeks now, no odor like salmon oil.
  13. Salmon Oil Makes Her Stinky, What Else to Help With Shedding

    Dog Grooming Forum
    I got a fee sample of this at Pet People http://ultraoilforpets.com/ Very low odor.
  14. Canidae

    Dog Food Forum
    Well, transitioning to Fromm Puppy Gold. He was lacking something from the Canidae.
  15. Bully Sticks - What are your opinions?

    General Dog Forum
    Hmm. I went to bestbullysticks.com to check those out. Most say globally sourced or brazillian free range. Not seeing any American sourced