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  1. Breed Suggestions for me please :)

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    You may want to try going on www.yourpurebredpuppy.com They have lots of dog breed reviews, and using it you can narrow it down to a few different breeds and research those. :) Hope I can help you!
  2. New here - planning on getting a puppy

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    @ajcy Yeah haha. I have a Bedlington Terrier. @sirdigby- Welcome To The Forum!
  3. Obedience Class/Excitement

    Dog Training Forum
    I have no experience with obedience classes whatsoever, but I know a few people who took their dog to obedience. If you just let it go and try to get her to focus, all the better! Just make sure that you teach her all that you can, and just get her to focus on walks around other dogs, etc...
  4. Since you didn't talk me out of it...

    General Dog Forum
    I like the name Dewey, it sounds more doggish to me than Newton, or Tyson. Tyson reminds me of the basket ball player, if you know what I mean? But, the eating thing shouldn't be a problem. My dog didn't pig out much whenever he was a little pup. He eats more than he used to now. I used to give...
  5. Hi Everyone!

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    Welcome To The Dog Forum! You will need 4 posts to post in the other forums on this board.
  6. Hello!

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    Welcome Victorianicole! I would advise you to post 3 more times so you can post in the other forums of the board.
  7. Grooming standard poodle

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    Pirk56, I just wanted to say that a 10# blade won't do the job. You will need a #40, #15 #4F#7F and some others that I don't know, but you could find that at the grooming section of the forum. I have a Bedlington Terrier, who's hair is similar, except for a Bedlington is the softest lol.
  8. Hey

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    Hello Kaleb! Welcome to Dog Forum!
  9. Hello

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    CaramelCurl, You will need to have 4 posts to write on the other forums.
  10. New here and don't know how to post for advise on my trouble maker dog.

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    Hi Kirsten, I am new to this website also. You will need to have 4 posts to post in the other forums. The 4 posts that you have to make will be in this section. Welcoming people, etc.
  11. Unenthusiastic eater

    Dog Food Forum
    Most likely you are feeding your dog too much. He most likely needs to be fed smaller portions per day. If free feeding would work better for you, I would go for it. It all depends on the dog and the person.
  12. Help Needed! My dog nearly attacked a child..

    General Dog Forum
    Your dog just was startled a little, nothing big. She might associate a door with a stranger, so she may have been trying to protect you. Don't sweat it, she was just worried and wanted to protect you. She probably wasn't even aiming for the child, as another poster said.
  13. What's the fuss about grain free?

    Dog Food Forum
    My dog usually just poops, and he doesn't eat it at all. He ate his own feces once because he pooped in his crate while housetraining, and he ate it since he didn't want to lay in it.
  14. panting dog? neglect!

    General Dog Forum
    This I don't understand. On another forum that I am on, we were talking about what we would do in reverse situations. Haha
  15. Having regret getting a dog... especially one that sheds!!

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    FURminator works well. Does your dog have a double coat? If so, that may be a reason for all of the shedding. A trainer might work well, and as for the poop in the yard, you may want to go outside with him and then pick up the poop right away. I don't have much more information to talk to you...