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  • Tiarafamily ·
    Thanks for your note. There was a post from someone that you had posted about the same skittish behaviour but havent been able to find it. Could you share it please?
    BellsAndBeans ·
    Thank you for your kind response to my thread. You are just so insightful. It was apparent you really read through my post and KNOW me. Your positivity and gentleness is a gift to all. God Bless
    victorino545 ·
    Thanks for your reply, you are so right. I am laughing because my daughter and I both agreed yesterday that he is a little bit of everything but so dang cute. They are like your kids, no matter what he turns out to look like, we will love him and think he is the most handsome :)
    Wag_More ·
    Hello! I'd just like to commend you for your polite attitude, reasonable thoughts, and well-thought-out comments. I like the cut of your jib :)
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