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  • Pareeeee ·
    Um yeah the reptiles I have are a Crested Gecko named Rodney and a Bearded Dragon named Auzzie. :)

    They are great pets. Crested Gecko's are easier to care for though.
    dogculture ·
    Hi Im Jason I wanted to tell you about Dog Culture its kind of just like dogforums but with a twist on dogculture.net you can create a members profile, chat online instantly, create a network wide blog, create events like dog shows etc. Its a fun site and just wanted to make you aware of it... Hope to see you there also my user name there is admin...
    [email protected]
    Gus Gus ·
    I was wondering if you had pictures of rover. my gus is 60 lbs already but i always like to see pics.
    emily873 ·
    oh i think you could put the eight year old westie in the house with baby gates for which ever room u want her/him in
    emily873 ·

    do you have a dog if so please go to google type horse.lover19 then about four down should be sewn doggie clothes click it thats my web
    Paul J ·
    I have an eight year old Westie. She is loving, obedient and a wonderful companion. My problem is that she sneaks and eats her own feces. This makes her sick and she throws up. This happens mostly at night. About six different vets have been consulted and we have not gotten any help. Has anyone had a problem similar? Thank you,
    Paul J
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