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  • nghoh1945 ·
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    digits mama ·
    Things are going great! I went to a Pet fest in New Orleans this weekend..I saw a few Akitas...They took my breath away and immediatly thought of your furbutt...I am so glad you are getting to go home!!!
    digits mama ·
    They are doing fantastic! We recently started doing search and rescue training..in fact Dozer is too! They get to work their ground sniffers like never before. :) How are you? How is Akira?
    winniec777 ·
    Hello! Sorry to take so long to answer -- we just moved cross country a few weeks ago and have been crazy busy. Poca is a mix - husky/malamute/shepherd/chinook. We joke that she's a guard dog who wants to run away.
    Billycourty ·
    Thats such a nice offer to speak together MERCI!.

    You type really good english for someone from the french side of canada!

    We live in apartment also with no garden, its difficult for my leonberger who have a natrual affinity with the outside, but we are surrounded by some of the biggest domains in Paris so i have heaps of options for long offleash walks with him just 10 mins down the road, I live just in front of Saint cloud which is my favorite.

    Its a shame you dont live closer so we could let our dogs play.

    Its difficult at the moment because a giant puppy must not be allowed to exercise on a leash (I.e walks) more then the number of minutes on there age in weeks, once a day (8 weeks = 8 mins ect.)

    So i have to put him in the stroller to get him to the parc and then he can run around free.

    We are getting a car soon so that will be so much easier.

    talk soon

    Billycourty ·
    I moved to france from Australia, my husband is new zealander and he has always loved france since he was a little boy. I am learning french myself from the tv and its going well. I like it here but miss my family. I stay home with my kids so i get to spend a lot of time with rox my leonberger.

    Do you come from the english or french speaking side of canada?

    And how are your dogs settleing in here? Have you found a good way to go on vancance with them? Or a good pension?

    AkiraleShiba ·
    Yes we're finally settled I just got internet/phone/TV today! I miss my Filou though but I see a Cairn sometimes around the neighbourhood :) Akira is settling into his new apartment life nicely and he's learning to stay quiet at the restaurant and taking the metro :) I just saw how little Iris has grown !! she's one beautiful lady now Thank you for your message :)
    digits mama ·
    Hey! I havent seen you around in a long time! I have been wondering where my fellow Cairn lover has been :D Are you settled in France yet? How is that beautiful Akira?? Glad to see you back.
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