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  • Pomom ·
    Hi! I just read that Shiloh as degenerative disc disease. My Pippin was just diagnosed this month. I was just wondering what you do to try to keep him from hurting himself and how you manage? I have been training Pippin to stay off furniture and stairs and he is starting to get it. His last flare up was bad, leading to the diagnosis, but looking back he has had milder pain before, I just didn't recognize what was going on, thought it was minor soft tissue strain. He is tapering off Prednisolone right now and will be decreasing his Gabapentin next week. He is feeling well and very active for a twelve year old so it is hard to keep him from bouncing.

    Anyhow, just hoped we could talk a little more.

    I hope you and your pooches are well,
    drewhall2012 ·
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