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  • Dog Mom 2 2 ·
    Hi Abbylynn, I believe you are a moderator on here so just sharing with you (dogmom2 here) that ever since the advertisements started showing up on the site my notifications aren't working properly. When I do get them I'm no longer taken to the most recently posted thread, instead it's in the middle and for sure posts I have already seen.

    It's a bummer as I loved this site before, but now it is very challenging to use. I miss seeing Leah Lu and cookie and all your gang, Milo's mom, and Rueyeats!

    Hope you have a very wonderful holiday with the pups and your family!

    Stacie Holub & Molly & JD
    allymax ·
    while I was on you page, you were looking at my 3rd post! I notice that you are an artist. I have been learning how to draw, have always wanted to and my life is such now that I have the chance. I love doing dogs and horses and cats... in graphite and charcoal.
    Canyx ·
    If you don't mind my asking Abbylynn, what made you choose Eddee? I know you had recently lost Leeo before then, and I suspect Eddee isn't a 'replacement.' But with two other dogs...?
    NDpups ·
    I saw the Bichon (I think) in your signature picture. I just lost my poodle, and I was thinking of adopting a Bichon off of Craigslist. (Young couple just had their first child, dog must go, etc.)
    I don't know anything about the personality of a Bichon. I'm looking for extra affectionate, like the Poodle, but without the high energy level - and I mean almost maniacal energy level of the Poodle. I loved her to pieces, but could easily live without her jumping and running all over the place all the time.

    So since I see you have other breeds too, how would you describe the Bichon? I'm going to see her tomorrow.
    DeadIrishD ·
    Hey hun,

    It's been a while, Daisy and I just moved back to New Hampshire where she got to experience snow, and actual weather!!! :)
    How's Daisy's brother from another mother doing?
    msminnamouse ·
    I completely agree with you. It sucks that Tex got the thread closed down, otherwise it would have been a good opportunity for some "dog whisperers" to actually learn how to read their dog's signals and body language. The dog was showing clear signs of fear: pacing, avoidance, frantic tail wagging, panting, fearful aggression when he went to attack the threat (the lawn mower), and so many other clear signs to some one who actually knows how to read a dog. They also wouldn't have had to stomp on the leash and go retrieve the dog and bring him or her forcibly back to the mower and hold the leash there if the dog was all that thrilled about being near it.

    It's sad and scary that so many people don't know how to understand and communicate properly with their dogs. And I can't understand the odd conspiracy that people have convinced themselves of that dogs are trying to dominate us and take over the world. What a sad existence to constantly be "put in your place".
    cookieface ·
    I've been following your adventures with Benny and have nothing but admiration for you. You're amazing! I hope he's able to have the full life he so deserves.
    flowergarden ·
    Kind of new to forum....hope you don't think I am slaking you??? is that a schnoodle. I have a schnoodle also buff colored very small. 8 or 10 lbs. She is the greatest dog with a wonderful personality, hope to talk to you again.
    Shah ·
    hi....i saw ur boys...they are very cute....
    There is one cute boy is your avator...which is that breed ?
    Is he a dobi...
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