Photo's and introduction

Photo's and introduction

  1. Luna'sOwner

    I thought I'd post some of the photo's of our Rottweilers. I love those dogs! Is this group very active? I thought it'd be cool to see some more photo's.

    So... to start a discussion, how about a few questions

    1. who are you?
    2. who is your dog?
    3. why rotties?
    4. what is your view on tail docking?
    5. do you think they are a difficult breed or recommendable to everyone?
    6. what do your mixes act/look like?

    I thought I'd get something started. I love Rottweilers and would love to meet some people who like 'em too!
  2. thegoodshepherd
    My name is Chris and my boy Kona, not sure how I feel about the tail docking. Ive owned pitts and I had there ears cropped so thats really that far off.
    Have to admit they do look a lil strange with 'em tho. I look at it in the same aspect as implants and other cosmetic surgeries. Always had a soft spot
    for the underdog(being all the breeds that society deems bad) and always wanted one after seeing one of those "my animal saved my life" type of
    shows and then read what they were breed form and said I have to have one. So far its been the smartest dog Ive ever owned and picks stuff up
    soooo quickly! From the side he's al rotty, but a frontal you can deff see the longer dobie face and ears but you be the judge....
  3. mustlovedogs123
    Hey all, When I Started this group I had a rotti blk lab cross. Rigz in my sig below! I loved him soo much and will never bond with an animal the way I did with him.
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