Pit bulls are lovers, not fighters!

Pit bulls are lovers, not fighters!

  1. motobird
    Hi all, glad to join you! I have three babies, two blues and one red brindle. Azumi, Brock, and Ash, all big dopes. Just starting a doggy cookie business. Anyone interested in samples let me know!
  2. hollybet
    Hi everyone, I would love to meet you and get to know other PB owners. I have my Daisy Mae and I can honestly say she is nothing but a baby, who thinks she is a lapdog.
  3. Kérstan

    I currently do not own a "Pit Bull", but in the past I have. I owned two[at separate times in my life].

    This is Duece.

    This is Dante.

    I know, quite similar, aren't they? [x
  4. Kérstan
    Crap. T.T

    How do you upload pictures in here?
  5. leagrace
    No clue but if you figure it out let me know
  6. leagrace
    Hello.....I am a very proud owner of a German shepherd /Pitt and I have three kids which are her puppies lol she is so loving....protective.....funny....and very smart!
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