Some advice would be appreciated

Some advice would be appreciated

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    Recently accompanied my mom to a shelter since she & my dad might get a dog. I'm an adult w/ my own 2-bedroom house; they live locally, also. I love dogs, but it would be difficult since I live alone, I'm at work for 9 - 10 hrs/day, leaving in the morning. I too far from work to go home at lunch. I also travel a fair amount for work.

    Dilemma: wasn't looking for a dog, but when we went to that shelter, I bonded hardcore with the sweetest little 4-year old male Chihuahua named Pee Wee. He really made me re-evaluate whether or not it would be feasible to own a dog.

    I don't want to get one & leave it locked up in a cage all day. Then, the issue of work travel. My parents would probably watch him for the most part, or if not, I guess a kennel might work.

    If there's better place to post this, please advise. As for my inquiry, any advice on how I could own a dog? There's litter training, maybe. Or perhaps my back screened-in porch w/ a doggy door.

    Please help.
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