Aggression problems w/females during heats
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Thread: Aggression problems w/females during heats

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    Question Aggression problems w/females during heats

    Help.... I have a sweet natured bulldog (2yrs,4months). I thought she needed a playmate to keep her active so I bought a "mini-bulldog" as a housemate. The mini-bull has a sweet, fun personality and is quite active. She doesn't look bully at all. She is now 1 yr old and has a body that is shaped like a boston terrier and a nose that is very "snouty". All went well and the two dogs were great friends until recently. Both dogs are went into heat. It did not occur to me that a female would react badly to another female during a heat, but that is what I am dealing with. The mini attacks the bulldog at every opportunity. I am living in a house of gates & closed doors, doing a juggling act getting them in and out for their potty activities. I have a huge fenced yard for them. If anyone has advice on keeping intact females in the same household , I would love to hear it. I would rather not spay either of them, unless there were some serious assurance it would resolve the problem. Actually, I was hoping to breed the english bulldog, but now I am having second thoughts. I am concerned that would exacerbate the problem. Any feedback is welcome.
    p.s. there are no aggression problems w/people or other dogs.

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    Re: Aggression problems w/females during heats

    Well, they don't call female dogs bitches for no reason they always say lol.

    It takes a lot to responsibly breed a litter, and bully breeds tend to have A LOT of problems birthing. In my opinion if you just want to breed to breed, I wouldn't, and I'd just get the females spayed. It's a pain to keep intact females, I know. Lots of hormones.

    After we got our female sheltie spayed, life was a lot easier. Now we have another intact female (a papillon this time) and an intact male. When Rose is coming into heat, things will get interesting again. Beau will be leaving to go visit his breeder I think. If we didn't show and if we didn't have to keep the dogs intact, there'd be no way I'd keep an intact bitch. Too much mess, lots of responsibility to make sure she doesn't get bred while out in the yard, etc. Even then, we may still spay Rose and not show her as she's never going to be bred.

    Don't get me wrong, you can keep intact females, but you have to be very diligent while they're in heat to assure they don't get bred accidentally. It's just a lot more than most people are willing to do.
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