Update: I got a new puppy.
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Thread: Update: I got a new puppy.

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    Smile Update: I got a new puppy.

    Ok so.. it's been a little more than a week since my little Patron died and I know I told everyone that I would wait a while till I got another dog but... I was missing the company of a little dog so much, I couldn't stop reading about other breeds or going to puppy stores to play with them. So I went to the animal service department (pound) and well i wanted to get all of them lol. First I saw this female boxer mix.. she was 4 and beautiful I went to see if she was available but she had a hold. Hopefully she went to a happy home where she can be loved, she was sooo pretty. Then right when I was about to leave they bring in this litter of puppies. My friend picked out one of the girls and I picked out a boy. They are black black, i mean his coat is black, his nose is black. Everything is black. He is so cute so I named him Onyx. I still miss my patron soo soo soo much and I'll never forget him. I will post pics up soon because he is a lab mix and I can't tell what he is mixed with.. I think hes mixed with a chow chow cause of his sisters tongue.. but idk.. you will see. Ok well just wanted to thank everyone who showed me support for patron.

    Oh by the way my boxer diesel (who is a little more than 4 months now) is really missing Patron. He did something this morning that made me cry. He sleeps downstairs because we are crate training him (which he's already pretty much trained) and this morning when I wake up I hear little scratches on the door, i open it and there he is with patrons collar in his mouth. I grab it. He lets it go and just goes in my room. Then I put it on my counter and a little later he grabbed it and went to Patrons bed and put it there. That is so touching. Wow I wish patron was still here to meet Onyx.
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    Congrats on your new little bundle of fluff! And thank you for adopting.

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    That is so sad. Diesel must really miss Patron like you do.

    Congrats on your new puppy.

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    Glad you've found a new dog to share your life with. He sounds delightful - piccies please!

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    Congratualtions on your new puppy! I can't wait to see pictures. I'm sure this will help you heal after losing Patron.
    Loving our new rescued puppy, Willa.

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    Aww that is so sweet! I hope that you and Diesel find comfort in your new puppy Onyx! Congrats!

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