Graduation + Meet Luna
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Thread: Graduation + Meet Luna

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    Graduation + Meet Luna

    My SO graduated several weeks ago with her BS in Business Administration magna cum laude and I'm super proud! I took tons of pictures, but just wanted to share some that I took of her and Luna - and introduce Luna as I've not talked about her much here. Luna is my SO's dog - she is almost 2 years old and is some kind of pit or pit mix.

    Graduation + Meet Luna-jrxs0m.jpg

    Graduation + Meet Luna-i3tg6o.jpg

    Graduation + Meet Luna-2ko3n5.jpg

    My favorite
    Graduation + Meet Luna-2a9ph1z.jpg
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    Re: Graduation + Meet Luna

    Pass on congratulations to your SO. Nicely done!!
    Top picture is my favorite. Beautiful.

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    Re: Graduation + Meet Luna

    Congratulations !!!!!!

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